June 13, 2024

Adia Jewelry

The Adia Jewelry is a new online store that was registered on October 6, 2020.

Adia, is an online jewelry business. They create the best jewelry in the world, with only a few unique designs allowed to be included in their inventory. Adia’s main concern is for you to be happy and graceful. 

What is Adiajewelry.com?

Adia is an online jewelry store, which provides you a high class modern, traditional and more varieties of jewelry. The Adia Jewelry makes a perfect and ethical jewelry with precious stones, gems and diamonds from all over the world.

Adia which means a present. It is an online business that everyone buys their favorite jewelry with fully satisfaction. They produce their jewelry in international market which also includes United States and United Kingdom.

Benefits of buying Adia Jewelry

  • The Adia Jewelry offers transport and shipping all over the world.
  • They sell a number of varieties in jewelry for the consumer’s satisfaction and their choices.
  • They provide jewelry that made up of beautiful and colorful precious gems.
  • They also offer free shipping on orders above forty nine dollars.

Drawbacks of buying Adia Jewelry

  • The website of Adia jewelry is not working.
  • The Adia jewelry is not having an original store.
  • This site is not so reliable because the domain age of website is less than 12 months.
  • They also not mentioned their proper location to website.

Adia Jewelry Reviews

As we talk about the adia jewelry reviews, their reviews are very poor. The ratings of Adia Jewelry are zero. Also , there is  no recommendations. The reviews and ratings took from the page of Facebook.

Source URL: Facebook

AdiaJewelry.Com  -Web Statistics:

Well, the adia jewelry is online store. So, we also need to know their organic traffics, domain authority and their back links for analyzing the strength of the website.

The website analytics that have been taken from the SEO Tool i.e.  Ubersuggest. From our research, we found that the monthly organic traffic of adia jewelry is not so appropriate to be a good website. Also, the backlins are poor and it also affects the relevancy of the company or a business.

Source: Ubersuggest

Is Adia Jewelry legit?

The Adia Jewelry was registered on October 6th 2020, it is an online jewelry shop and it is a less than one year old online store. So, for our readers we have checked the validity of adia jewelry online store is legit or a Scam one.

As we read about the benefits and drawbacks of adia jewelry, it reveals that there is no confirm or physical address of the website. There is no customer care contact at all. There are no reviews, recommendation and ratings as we checked on their facebook page.

The website is not working. There is not a return or refund policy for the customers. The shipping is not free if we do not spend forty-nine dollars for the item. Also, the monthly traffic and backlinks of the website is very poor.

Through this, we did not think that the adia jewelry is legit.

Specifications of Adia Jewelry Com:

• Website sort: Ecommerce web site that sells jewelry.

• Website URL: https://adiajewelry.com/

• E-mail tackle: assist@adiajewelry.com

• Return Policy: Products may be returned inside thirty days from the date of supply.

• Payment methodology: American Express, VISA, Union Pay and so forth.

• Shipping Policy: Free worldwide transport on orders over forty-nine {dollars}

The Scam Detector’s Report:


At last, we suggest to our readers that it is a doubtful website for buying the jewelry. The website is not sharing any customer’s reviews. The website validator also shows that it is not a registered website.

The traffic is very low and the site is poor. Moreover, before making any decision for buying the product we advices that you verify all about website.