June 13, 2024

Web development is having the highest growing jobs all over the world. Web developers can even free land and give their service to any of the companies, it is a great profession for those who are willing to learn new things every day and values professional growth.

There are multiples of skills that you can learn in web development firstly you have to decide what you are opting for as a web developer.

Here we will discuss all the small and big fundamentals about web development you need to learn as a beginner.

Firstly we have to know about how a website works?

The websites are operated by the internet and are collections of multiple data together and code stored in a Server. You can open the website by opening a browser some examples are Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

Let’s see how this works as some will find you a link to informative documents when you click on that link the link will redirect you to the browser page how does this happen? when we click on the link the server asks for the documents on the main website and the website server gets the request and gives you the file. It seems an easy task to handle but it is not as easy as it looks.

What exactly does the website mean?

Websites and the files that are stored on the servers these websites are connected with world wide web or huge internet system. computers are known as the clients of the server.

What IP address is used for?

An IP address is a unique string of numbers that gives you a unique id every computer has its own IP address and that is used to distinguish itself from multiple different websites.

Whenever you want to find your IP address you have to just type the address and search browser.


HyperText Transfer Protocol

It allows you to jump from one website to another and also connect to you with the multiples of remote servers of houses.

HTTP provides you with the framework that allows you to understand the language of the computer and at the same time computer to understand your language to communicate when you search for any data on a search engine.


It refers to the writing of codes for the server using different programming languages. Coding language comprises of different commands abbreviations and vocabulary as many more than any other language. A Website Development Company uses many languages for coding.

The programming language falls into 2 categories one front-end and back-end.

Basics about frontend and backend.

So there are two types of development you have to work on website development front-end and back-end, in the front-end the developers look after the client-side server and the back-end is where the developer has to look at the website server.


In easy language, we can say that it is a part of the website which we see on the internet. it allows users to communicate with the website like if you want to listen to the music or play videos, expand or minimize images, and more. The developer who worked on the front-end is doing client-side development.


It is the site of the internet that you do not see why using the server the developer working on earth has to work on the website service and allowing you and server to communicate without any interruptions.


As the name indicates content management system is a series of programs that are used to maintain the content on the website, provides you with building blocks that are basically used for E-Commerce and blogging but can use for all the websites.


The internet is one of the best inventions but it also comes with some drawbacks as we all know our all data is saved somewhere on the internet. Many people just try to use this information for bad use so to protect this information from this kind of people something has to be introduced internet has its own cyber security, it provides security to all the websites on servers so that your data remain protected.



The backend developer works on the website to make everything work properly and efficiently behind the scenes this user cannot see this part of the development.


The front end is the part which users work on the part where the users can search for anything on the website like touching song videos playing different games etc.


A desktop developer specializes in application software that runs locally on your devices. Sometimes skills of software developers overlap with the website developers if an application can run both online and offline.


A website developer can either be a full developer front end developer or backend developer these developers specialize in building websites as opposed to mobile applications, desktop software, etc.


A full-stack developer needs a lot of work experience as full-stack development needs knowledge of both front end and back end the work done in the full-stack development is both sides so require more time and skills.


Game developers specialize in building for both mobiles as well console games. It is a very unique and different experience in itself.


the embedded developer words with the hardware part but not the computer. They work on electronic interfaces like IoT, consumer devices, real-time systems, and many more.


These developers work on the security of the website, protect them from the vulnerable people who try to achieve the data of the websites.


Mobile developers need different types of skillset as mobile application development is very unique and different web development.

The mobile developer work for only mobiles and tablets development.


The process of web development is not as easy as it looks it includes a lot of processes and implementation to work on the website. So here is some basic process of making the website like forming a plan before starting to do any work, or you can hire a Web Development Services provider company.

It can be either pen and paperwork or can be a plan made on the sheets on the desktop.

Look onto your budget also how much investment we can make in developing a website is always necessary to put into our project should always keep in our mind.

Always create a blueprint of your website to avoid any malfunctions or difficulty after actual implementation.

You should always know about your goals what you want and should tell this to the developer to work more efficiently on the website development.

You should plan your website before implementing what kind of work the website will run on according to that the codes and the language are also varied and selected.

Once you select your coding language the next work is to start working on the front-end and back-end of the website and on the CMS also.

This is very necessary to have a domain of the website it gives your website security and it helps users to search your website easily by the search engine in no time.

The last thing that you have to do is now when you have completed all your work to launch your website. Now it is ready to be launched on the server for the user’s access.

There are many web development companies that help you in developing your own website and help you provide domains that help in identification among others.

SO, I think this is pretty decent information for a beginner to make his /her mind to be a web developer. By reading this now you can understand the things much better about web development and if you want to learn this more deeply or jump to the other profession.

Remember that everything and anything is possible if you are dedicated and willing to be that.



Yes definitely everyone can learn web development but only if he or she is dedicated or fully interested in doing so.


Not, developing a website is not easy to process it also includes multiple steps that required a good skill set developer for each of the steps.


Yes, you can make your own website by learning the basic skills but to make a good functional website you need to be super specialized in all the fields.