July 17, 2024

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In this blog post we are going to make a detailed analysis of FedEx manor Royal Industrial Estate. Read this article completely to get your all relevant questions.

 What is FedEx?

FedEx Corp. provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce, and business services. When you need to transport something or need to deliver something across the globe. One of the fastest air transportation services is FedEx.

It is really rapid and allows one to receive an item inside the specified time frame.

You’ll be able to find the suitable mailing address on the company’s website if a shipment is too large to fit in your primary carrier, or if there are only a few products and it’s just faster to get them shipped through FedEx.

 FedEx Manor Royal industrial Estate warehouse

FedEx provides outstanding service to the Manor Royal Industrial Estate. Not only are FedEx trucks on-site, providing a handy delivery alternative for all of your company needs, but this location also offers a variety of telecommuting possibilities, allowing workers to work from home. FedEx is the finest option to get your products and papers delivered quickly.

When it’s time to get that package where it needs to go, the FedEx service has specifically trained career sorters who will help you negotiate any delivery issues or logistical challenges. FedEx locations near Manor Royal Industrial Estate offer fast and convenient shipping services.

FedEx Warehouse Unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate – Send And Receive Packages

FedEx  warehouse unit 7 has always been there to assist individuals ship and receive parcels quickly, no matter where they are.

As a result, it has become one of the most popular options. There will be no delays in delivery or receipt. You can get various features while dealing with FedEx:

Easy payment

Location request easily


Tracking of your order

FedEx specifications:

Website URL: https://www.fedex.com/

Chairman and CEO: Frederick W. Smith

Headquarters: Memphis, TN

FY20 annual revenue: $69.2 billion

Avg. daily package volume: 18M

Team members: 600K

Motorized vehicles: >200K

FedEx Express stations: 1950

Website Statistics:

In our research, we found that the website is really a strong website. The organic monthly traffic is around 4 crore, the no of backlinks are very high.

Customer Reviews of unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate FedEx:

Manor Royal Industrial Estate FedEx has received mixed reviews. The average rating is 2.7 stars, which is extremely low given the company’s international quality services. Although FedEx officers have responded to all of the reviews and attempted to fix them, sending a package through a service that has had so many problems with delivery, customer support, and tracking in the past is still risky. Many people have also complained about delivery personnel lying to them. There have also been difficulties with technological failures and customer service representatives’ inaccessibility.

Here is the attached screenshots of Google Map reviews

Here are some customer feedback from twitter for FedEx Warehouse Unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate”:

As most of the reviews are negative but we found that the business is making fast reply and hence makes it easier for customer to communicate with business and talking about their queries.

 Final conclusion:

We have analyzed this website from different aspect, website strength, SEO prespective, customer feedback. We found mixed reviews for the business, our sole purpose is to present the real things to our readers. So before dealing with this website one should do proper research and analyses.