May 25, 2024

You’re not going to easily open an old can of paint without a heat gun. You’ll need one for art and crafts too. Home contractors use them to remove broken tiles and prep new surfaces for installation. Faithful DIY owners can also find uses for this handy kitchen appliance.

Fortunately, heat guns are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, so get your hands on one today, This article is designed to help you make the right choice when shopping for your own heat gun so that you don’t waste your money or time with something subpar.

Heat Guns for Sale

These days, there are a lot of types of heat guns for sale. It seems like each one has different points to make and different uses. How are you supposed to choose from the multitude of options available?

The fact is that heat guns can be used for a lot of different tasks. With that being said, this article focuses on heat gun applications before going into specific heat guns that you can purchase. There are many different heat guns out there and it’s very difficult to cover them all as they all have their unique uses.

1) Decorating

Heat guns are an excellent choice for those who want to use them for home decorating. Anyone that knows anything about decorating knows that the time spent in preparation is a worthy investment. Heat guns will help speed up the prep. For example, a heat gun is a must for removing old wallpaper or old paint from walls.

2) Removing Tiles

If you have plastic or PVC tiles and one is broken or cracked, you can use a heat gun to gently remove it. If your tiles are damaged, use the heat gun to carefully unglue them without taking off too much of the backing.

3) Removing Dents In Car Bodywork

A heat gun can be used to remove dents from car bodywork. Heat guns are easy to use and are low-cost meaning a lot of people can have access to one at home and it can save you money on car repair bills.

4) Plumbing

A heat gun is ideal if you need to heat a plastic pipe before bending it. You can use a heat gun on pipes and hoses to form them into whatever shape is necessary. You can easily get a heat gun to take care of one or two small jobs.

5) Thaw Frozen Pipes

To continue the plumbing vein, a heat gun is a well-known method for thawing frozen pipes. If the water freezes in your pipes when temperatures drop, you will need to defrost them before things get bad.

6) Loosen Old Bolts

A common problem in decorating an older property, or even working on a vehicle is seized nuts and bolts. Rust can stop the bolt from being undone. You can apply heat from a heat gun to the nut. This causes the nut to expand and therefore loosen to the point where it can be removed without shearing the bolt.

7) Heat-shrink tubing

Heat-shrink tubing is a sleeve that is put over an electrical connection and heated with a heat gun. This will expand the tube and create a tighter fit around the connection and stop any leakage. These are commonly used on car wiring connections but can also be used on other electrical equipment like light switches and sockets. Heat-shrink tubing is common in many different sizes, and you can choose between clear or colored options.

There are many applications for heat guns. They are very affordable, and many people can have them at home which means they can take care of some small jobs. It is easy to use a heat gun, but it requires some skill to do so without damaging the surface you are heating.