May 25, 2024

Since its introduction, the Fujitsufi-8170 has become one of the most essential pieces of equipment for any busy office. Its unique features include Clear Image Capture, advanced document feed capability, and versatile driver compatibility. The 8170 is just one member of the Fujitsu 8000 Series, though. Alongside models such as the 800r, it’s poised to bring an innovative suite of solutions to workplaces around the world. Environments like law firms, health care facilities, and schools can benefit from faster-than-ever scanning, smart paper jam prevention, and seamless integration with the cloud.

Efficiency and Collaboration

When you’re juggling countless documents and digitizing important files, you can’t afford to slow down because of a scanner that struggles to keep up. Specifications such as a scanner’s feed rate and hopper capacity play a big role in determining how fast it can be. That’s why the Fujitsu fi-800R consistently comes out on top. This scanner is a powerhouse of efficiency thanks to its dedicated front feeder, automatic stacking capability, and skew correction sensors. Each of these features helps to minimize downtime caused by technical errors, ensuring that the job gets done as efficiently as possible.

In addition to efficiency, collaboration is an important part of creating a productive office. You rely on your teammates to complete tasks together, but if your office equipment doesn’t facilitate this process, you can end up working without any help. Your scanner should make it easy to send files to colleagues and upload them to the web for immediate collaboration. A scanner with cloud compatibility and PDF conversion tools is ideal for this use. Look for these features and high-volume capability to ensure that your equipment can handle a heavy-duty workload.

Not Sure of the Right Scanner for You?

The Fujitsu 8000 Series offers an array of versatile scanners, some of which are even award winners. If you’re not sure which scanner is the best fit for your workplace, there are a few features to look for. Start by assessing the space that’s available in your office. You might be working with a limited amount of desk space, and opting for a model that exceeds your needs would be a mistake. Instead, consider the sleek, compact design of the aforementioned fi-800R. This model is best suited to offices with moderate document volume and a smaller footprint.

If you have space to spare, though, and a more demanding volume of documents, the fi-8170 would be the better selection. This equipment is capable of scanning as many as 70 double-sided pages in a single minute, making it perfect for even the most demanding of environments. It also boasts a color LCD screen that makes every operation completely user-friendly. Regardless of which scanner you choose, you should consult the information outlined in the document scanner guide to ensure that it’s set up correctly. You’ll need to connect the scanner to the web before taking advantage of features like cloud uploading. Enjoy the ease and efficiency that the right scanner can bring to your workflow.