April 16, 2024
SeekHD- Review Techbloginsider

What is SeekHD?

SeekHD is an online website with a domain-https://www.seekhd.com/. It is an online platform where you can find anyone’s Contact Info, Current Address, Social Profiles, Location, Social Networks, and Photos with the help of phone numbers, email IDs, names, and physical addresses related to them. Currently, address and name searches are not available. SeekHD’s services are paid only. Their service charges vary from service to service. According to the data they have shown on their site – they have more than 2 billion records on their site.    

SeekHD Phone Number: We have tried to find this site’s phone number but it is not available on its site.

SeekHD.com Website’s technical analysis:

  • We analyzed SeekHD.com on the ubersuggest we found that its monthly traffic is good it indicates that this site is effective at attracting an audience. Its Domain Authority is very low indicating that it is not so successful when it comes to search engine results.  
  • This site is registered on 03-20-2020.
  • On scam adviser, this site has gained a 100 out of 100 trust score, which shows that this site is legit and safe.

Source: https://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/seekhd.com

SeekHd Review:-

Below we are attaching a screenshot related to seekHD.com, taken from the Uiliu website.

We have found many negative reviews about this seekHD on various websites. Most people are concerned about two main problems they are facing on this site- The first one is that this Site is selling Information of their users and the second one is Auto charges deduction from their account on irregular time periods. Also, their customer services are not up to the mark.

As they have already informed, on their website about which type of information they collect and how they collect it. Also to resolve the information selling problem; SeekHD has given an option as shown below- Here we can say that this site is selling information of their user. But you can submit a request to not sell any info you have provided to this site.

For the irregular amount deduction issue you can contact your bank and also this site has already stated – how you can cancel your subscription.

 Final wording:-

In our opinion, this website and the services they are providing are both genuine. The main concerns related to this site are information selling and amount deduction. We highly recommend our readers to keep their self active before using this site. If you face any of these problems, follow the instructions given on this website and you can also contact your bank if the problem does not solve with the website instructions.