April 16, 2024

The importance of a front-end framework for web and app development cannot be stressed enough. Modern ReactJS has made its place in the development sector. According to the 2021 JavaScript Rising Stars report, React has taken first place with 15.7 million downloads. Thanks to its functionalities like component reusability, 70 percent of React users prefer to use it again.

Talking about ReactJS, it is a Javascript framework that allows the development of rich and intuitive interfaces. It is popular due to its cost-effectiveness, rich features, and high tech stack. Many businesses, including Facebook, Netflix, Uber, and the New York Times, use React for their websites and apps. 

You, too, should hire dedicated ReactJS developers and get your custom app developed. Here are the benefits it offers. 

Why you Should Hire ReactJS Developer

ReactJS offers the flexibility to expand, reuse the components, enhance productivity with fast rendering, and increase speed and overall performance.

Here’s what makes top giants use ReactJS.

  1. Reusable UI and High Development Speed

ReactJS provides a component reusability feature that helps developers reuse the existing code or components. It further supports JSX code and JSX editor, which makes code easy to understand.

The reusing of code and easy understanding ensures quick development of the website and app.

  • Flexibility and Better Performance

How flexibly your website and app adapt to the new changes is an important factor to consider during the development process. Thus, JavaScript offers a DOM feature that divides code into modules and executes it separately. However, React offers a virtual DOM along with the original one. Every time new changes are made, it updates the virtual DOM. The virtual DOM is then compared with the original DOM, and only the required changes are made. It doesn’t replace the entire code. This is how it keeps up with high performance.

Another characteristic of ReactJS is server-side rendering. We shall learn more about it in the next point.

  • SEO Friendliness

For any website to perform better, two factors are essential – fast loading time and app rendering. To rank on Google, you need to ensure that you don’t use Javascript to render the code, as it takes more time to process it. React helps you with it by offering server-side rendering.

Server-side rendering runs the Javascript code on the server before sending the final data to the user for further processing. This way, users don’t have to wait for the rendering and can access the data instantly. This reduces the loading time and helps businesses achieve their SEO goals.

Top Companies Using React

React offers impeccable features like one-way data binding, rich user interface, custom components, virtual DOM, and server-side rendering. This makes it a must-have option for top businesses such as: 

  1. Facebook

Facebook introduced ReactJS libraries decades ago to simplify the user interface. Its primary purpose was to build a frontend application that is simple, quick, and easy to use. Facebook uses it for both – Android and iOS. 

  • Microsoft

Who would have thought that Microsoft Office would switch to React?! According to Microsoft, React has helped them tackle cross-platform issues and offer speedy results to their users. The new Outlook version uses React for higher performance. The responsive design gives it a fresh and modern look.

  • Discord

Discord adopted React to develop its iOS app. They are satisfied with the results to date. This is due to the features such as code reusability and virtual DOM that simplify their developers’ tasks and improves productivity.

According to the Discord team, it has brought efficiency. There are specific challenges, but the results overweighs the cost and motivate the teams to connect, learn, and grow together.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox is a file hosting company headquartered in San Francisco. They switched to React over a year ago to give their cross-platform users an amazing experience. For instance, with ReactJS, the users can now upload, save and share unlimited files on the Dropbox server. If the file size is big, it will show the preview as the user scrolls down the pages.

Other reasons Dropbox switched to React include:

  • Smaller file size
  • Fast reloading
  • Rich user interface
  • Intuitive design
  • Trello

Trello is a task management system that previously ran on CoffeeScript and the Backbone JS framework. With dynamic changes and demands, they had to switch to React, which gave it a modern and sophisticated touch interface. The responsiveness adds an extra charm to Trello’s website. Unlike CoffeeScript and Backbone JS framework, React enhances the capabilities by providing a clear caching procedure.

Along with React, the website has TypeScript and GraphQL to make the website more friendly. These tools together with React help them overcome the limitations and the technical challenges.

  • Asana

Asana started using React in 2014 to overcome client-side performance issues. Instead of managing internal libraries, they wanted an open-source community. React type definitions and Typed react are the main contributors. Next, they introduced a new React component IPE Bar to improve their user engagement metrics. Overall, with React, they were able to enhance their performance and ensure seamless collaboration among teams.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest – the cool idea-sharing and topic pinning app is built on ReactJS because it allows sharing code on different platforms. With React, it’s easy to build a cross-platform app. This improves the Pinterest developers’ performance and work efficiency.

  • Instagram

Instagram started using React ever since it was launched in 2015 because it saw a slew of features and the potential to grow. With React, it was easy to add new features like pop-out tags, Google Map APIs, new precision, etc. They were able to manage features like declarative UI, component-based architecture, hashtag monitoring, real-time updates, search engine accuracy, etc.

Instagram’s decision to use React has helped them to manage its Android and iOS app together. 

  • Netflix

The popular streaming service switched to React in 2015 due to various reasons such as startup speed, performance, and modularity. The features such as isomorphic JavaScript, virtual DOM rendering, and compositional design patterns helped them handle custom user interactions and achieve overall stability. 

Hire Dedicated ReactJS Developers

The demand for websites and mobile apps is growing at a rapid pace. React is the most popular front-end framework with a satisfaction level of 87.49 percent. To leverage the benefits on the digital front, you should hire ReactJS developers that have diverse knowledge and vast experience in the design and development of websites and mobile applications.


Brands like Netflix, Airbnb, Microsoft, Gyroscope, Trello, and Asana prefer ReactJS for cross-platform app development. Let’s find out why.