May 28, 2024

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Whenever a business company thinks of collaboration or intranet software solutions, Microsoft SharePoint always appears as a matchless choice. MS SharePoint has become the most preferred collaborative platform among business enterprises of medium and large sizes; primarily because of its extensive variety of features and its ease of use. What’s best about SharePoint is that it is highly customizable and flexible; so you can easily develop, integrate and personalize the platform according to your business requirements. However, the key to successful usage and implementation of MS SharePoint lies within its optimal integration and configuration with your business employees and operations.

In the market, there are many SharePoint Consulting Companies and SharePoint Development Companies, that are known for providing reliable SharePoint services. Consulting a professional SharePoint Development Company can help you get increased effectiveness and efficiency with your personalized SharePoint solution.

If you are in search of a professional SharePoint Consulting Company that can help you with expert consultation and advice, then take a look at the list of our Top 10 SharePoint Consulting Companies for 2022.

  1. Science Soft

One of the biggest names in the industry is Science Soft which is known to be the market leader when it comes to SharePoint Consulting Services. The company has an extensive experience of 30+ years in hand, with plenty of renowned clients like eBay and IBM in its project portfolio. The company has successfully delivered 150+ SharePoint Consulting and Development projects to its diverse clients all across the world. Science Soft charges $25 – $49 per hour depending on the consultation and development services.

  • Code Creators Inc.

Another big name in the market is Code Creators Inc. (CCI). The company is the primary choice of all types of business enterprises when it comes to SharePoint Services. Established in 2001, Code Creators Incis an innovative Software and SharePoint Consulting Company that provide Power BI development, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, mobile app, IT services, and more. CCI has a remarkable team of experts and the latest technology stack. CCI has successfully delivered 200+ SharePoint solutions to its global clients. Code Creators Inc. is a proud service provider to Fortune 500 Companies in 45 different business domains. The company charges $25 – $49 per hour for its IT Consultation and Development Services.

  • Unily

Formerly known as BrightStar, Unily is a leading SharePoint Consulting Company. If you are looking for a high-end IT company that is capable of dealing with complex business issues, then Unily is an ideal choice. Although it is a small IT consulting and development company, it is still serving and supporting businesses of all types and sizes and offers remarkable flexibility. Unily has an office in USA and UK, and it is well-versed in its creative digital solutions related to Skype for Business, Yammer, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, etc. The company charges $150 – $199 per hour for its SharePoint Consulting and Development Services.

  • Iflexion

Next on our list is Inflexion. The company is also rated amongst the best SharePoint Consulting and Development Companies in the USA. At Inflexion, you can find an extensive range of SharePoint Services. Being a leading market player for 20+ years, Inflexion is providing innovative SharePoint solutions, tools, and technologies to its clients all across the world. The company is especially known for providing ground-breaking personalized solutions with commendable consistency. The company charges $25 – $149 per hour for its IT consultation and development services.

  • AIMDek Technologies

If you are searching for a SharePoint partner which provides you with a complete range of SharePoint Consulting and Development Services, then AIMDek Technologies could be an ideal choice. AIMDek technologies is a reliable yet affordable SharePoint Service Company that provides you with expert advice and high-performing solutions. The company is equally reliable for small, medium-sized, and large enterprises in delivering innovative SharePoint solutions. The company has an amazing trackrecord of delivering SharePoint Consulting Services to its diverse clients across the globe. You can hire AIMDek Technologies’ SharePoint Consulting Services for$25 – $49 per hour.

  • Affirma Consulting

Affirma Consulting is another premium choice if you are looking for a diverse SharePoint Consulting and Development company. Affirma Consulting is an award-winning IT and software development consultancy that is based in the USA, Ireland, and India. Specialized in Web Development, SharePoint Consulting, SharePoint Development, Cloud Tech Infrastructure, Resource Staffing, and Business Intelligence Services, Affirma Consulting offers expert advice in these areas. Affirma Consulting has big names like Starbucks, TreeTop, and Children’s Hospital in its client portfolio. The company charges $100 to $149 per hour for its IT consulting and development services.

  • Viftech Solutions

The next big name on our list is Viftech Solutions Pvt Ltd. The company has been providing reliable SharePoint Consulting and Development Services for more than 15 years now. They have an extensive range of technical expertise and tools, and it is also known for their incredible flexibility in dealing with all types of business enterprises. With far-reaching expertise in hand, Viftech Solutions is especially known for developing personalized solutions in diverse business domains. The company charges $25 – $100 for its consulting and development services, depending on the comprehensiveness and complexity of the project. They have names like Standard Chartered Bank, Coca-Cola Company, Nestle& Johnson’s & Johnson’s in their project portfolio. 

  • Aufait Technologies

Aufait is an Indian-origin software development company, but it also has its main office in the USA. Known for developing digital workspaces, Aufait Technologies is renowned for enhancing employee productivity and customer experience. The company is Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner with a dedicated team of highlyprofessional software developers and SharePoint experts that are fully capable of customizing MS Office 365 and SharePoint Enterprise Mobility Solutions. With Aufait Technologies, you can easily hire expert advice from SharePoint developers, quality assurance experts, business analysts, and project managers. The company charges $25 – $49 per hour for its IT consulting and development services.

  • Binary Republik

Next on our list is Binary Republik which is renowned for SharePoint Consulting and Development Services. Binary Republik covers a complete range of SharePoint Consulting and Development Services and takes its clients’ long-term confidence in not letting them down, regardless of how complex their requirements are. Binary Republik is a reliable and affordable option if you want an innovative and unique SharePoint solution for your business. The company promises to provide intuitive business solutions in the most efficient manner possible. The company charges $25 – $49 per hour for its IT consulting services.

  1. WebFX

Last but not least on our list is WebFX, which is primarily a digital marketing company but also provides a wide range of IT consulting services and business solution development and cloud options too. WebFX provides services to all sizes and types of companies. It is a leading name in intranet SharePoint and cloud solution consultation and designing. You can hire their services for$100 to $149 per hour.