May 25, 2024

Hybrid Approach is a project management methodology that helps you manage your business easy to get faster and more effective results. Among many project management methodologies, Hybrid Approach is considered the best and most effective. Now, what is it about a hybrid that is so special? And what is a hybrid approach, anyway? In this post, we are going to talk about that and look into the factors of mobile app development with a Hybrid Approach.

What is work breakdown structure ( WBS) for mobile application development?

Project managers used the Work Breakdown Structure, or WBS technique to manage complex and vital projects. It was until the late 20s century because the WBS was the only way we could manage our projects at that time. After the Microsoft project was launched, it became easier to manage and handle projects as in Microsoft office projects, various team members can co-operate together to develop a business plan.

The WBS approach was simple and straightforward that some of us still follow. The methodology of the project was to start out with the plan of the project—things that need to be done. Then after figuring out the tasks, you break them down into small pieces or move them to the sub-tasks category. You continue to break those tasks into subtasks until the project is properly framed.

But the problem with this approach was that it was not that easy to plan all the factors of the project. Along with the requirements, customers change their plans, and the market also changes. So, to keep up with that, you will have to apply a different methodology.

Then the Agile project management came in the early 21 century. People relied on this project management approach because it delivered the project in a short amount of time to the customers. Even in a short amount of time, developers found flexibility in their work and can easily change the plan according to the requirements of the customers.

But soon enough the Agile project management became a failure as more customers found different requirements. It was not easy to handle them all. Hybrid project management on the other hand is a combination of Agile project management and work breakdown structure. This project management method suits most of the projects and that also includes mobile app development.

What is the Importance of Hybrid Project Management?

You can apply the hybrid approach to any type of project you are working on because it has no specific requirements. The hybrid approach is considered the most flexible project management method as it is suitable for any kind of team and any kind of task. With the hybrid approach, your team can be more productive and effective than they could have been with the agile project management method.

You don’t have to worry about R&D (research and development) when it comes to the hybrid approach. And you can always start out any project without worrying about future uncertainties. Since there are agile and waterfall or work breakdown structure methods combined in the management method, you don’t have to completely define all the areas of your project. Work breakdown structure will help you figure out all the concepts of the projects and the agile feature will help you develop the projects in time. Find more about hybrid app development and hybrid project management here.

Why We Need Hybrid App?

The Hybrid app solution is the third solution of the mobile app development project. Here developers use HTML 5 and containerize it to build an app. Hybrid applications are like web applications that are built with JavaScript, HTML 5, and CSS. This means, the hybrid app development approach does not need much coding and also provides business owners with multiple ways to create mobile apps.

Have a look at the most vital reasons why we choose hybrid apps more than native apps:

  • Hybrid apps reduce the development time because a single code is enough for iOS, Android, and Windows app development.
  • With knowledge in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript you can easily create a hybrid app that will be versatile or suitable for any platform. You won’t need to have knowledge regarding different skills while building the hybrid app platform.
  • You can use some tools like Cordova or PhoneGap to bring native features to the hybrid apps such as notifications and reminders.
  • Hybrid apps provide seamless offline usage to the users and work on the local storage. They also support  SQLite database for the local storage.

Why Would You Choose Hybrid App Development?

In addition to being fast, cost-effective, and efficient, hybrid app development has one more advantage. Hybrid apps represent quality products and services on-board and that’s the most important reason why many people choose a hybrid app development. It does not only benefit the business but also its consumers because hybrid apps have a versatile nature.

You can contact our popular and reliable hybrid app development in India services if you are looking for hybrid app solutions. AIS offers professional hybrid app solutions that will help you grow your business and make profits by doing so. If you want to create something on your own, talk to us today and feel free to ask any query regarding the hybrid approach in mobile app development and we will help you out. Our representatives are waiting for 24/7 to receive your call.