April 17, 2024

Facebook has become part of our daily routine; knowingly or unknowingly, it has become a routine to scroll through Facebook and check what is going on worldwide. Facebook has made information-related feed sharing easier than before, and hence, it stands out as the king of social media platforms.

Facebook has around 1.84 billion active users daily and reaches up to 59% of social media users. With such huge numbers, it is impossible for marketers to ignore Facebook as part of their marketing strategy. In fact, according to research, 96% of B2C marketers use it for advertising and marketing. 

One of the most popular marketing strategies used by marketers these days is to embed Facebook Feed into their website. There are many tools available in the market that showcases Facebook feeds related to your business on your website. In this blog, we will be mentioning five tools worth your time and attention and are currently the best tools readily available in the market.

Let’s have a look at these tools.

Top 5 Amazing Tools to Embed Facebook Feed on Your Website:

1. Tagembed Widget

Tagembed has emerged as the best social media aggregation tool in recent times. It has become the most talked-about tool in the market in a short time, providing great services at a low cost. 

The tool also helps you to embed your all Facebook feeds into the website without any coding. It aggregates the posts from all over the platform and presents them into a single feed into your website. You can filter, curate, and moderate the content that will display on your website. The tool is extremely easy to use and is coding-free. It also provides you with different templates, fonts, and other customization options that you can select according to your preference.

It has four pricing options that are: Lite, Basic, Pro, and Plus. The Lite plan is free of cost and provides you with one feed and one widget on your website. These social feeds can be embedded on any website easily but before that, you have to apply some of the features like:

A). Vast Customizations: Apply a variety of themes, layouts, colors & fonts, custom posts, etc. to change the look of your feed.

B). Moderation: You can also filter the irrelevant & useless content from your feed with the help of the Moderation Panel.

C). Insightful Analytics: This feature helps in monitoring & evaluating the detailed insights into your users’ behavior, sentiments, and more.

D). More: There are plenty of other personalization features like custom promotional or branded posts into the feed, banners, tickers, announcement & highlights posts & more.

Finally, it is extremely easy to embed all the engaging and responsive Facebook feeds on your website performance to help your business grow.

2. Embed Social

Embed social helps you to embed your Facebook feed onto your website and makes it more interactive to the audience. This tool makes your website more vibrant and engaging for visitors. The customer gets to know about your Facebook conversations without leaving the window. 

The tool also provides you with the option to add Facebook albums, enhancing the dynamics of your website and helps to develop a curiosity about your product.It also provides you with options to select various layouts and other customization options to add beauty to your website. 

3. Elfsight

Elfsight is an amazing tool that increases your website visitors’ engagement by providing them the Facebook feed directly on your website and sparks their interest in your product.

It is a great tool to increase your Facebook followers.  By embedding the Facebook feed on the website, website traffic can draw new followers on your Facebook.Using Elfsight is pretty easy; you can embed your Facebook albums, Facebook videos, and Facebook posts related to your business and establish some social proof of your product. 

4. SnapWidget

SnapWidget displays text posts, photo posts, and video posts from Facebook to your website. It provides you with the option to showcase your artistic style on your website using the different customized layout and photo gallery options on display.

It makes your website catchy by providing you with options such as grid, slideshow, Facebook board, and Facebook scrolling.You can choose from four plans according to your preference and need; these plans are Free Plan, Lite Plan, Pro Plan, and Developer Plan.

5. Flockler

This tool helps you to gather all the feeds from Facebook related to your business and showcase them on the website without manual work. This is one of the most trusted tools by businesses, and many big and small enterprises are currently using it.

It helps you to grow engagement on your website and enchases your followers on Facebook. And as users spend more time on the website, it increases the website traffic and enhances brand awareness.

They have five pricing plans that are Lite, Basic, Business, Pro, and Premium.

Amazing Benefits of Embedding Facebook Feed for any Website:

Embedding a Facebook feed on your website can be benefiting your business in many ways. Other than beautifying the website, it provides the following other benefits that eventually affect your business.

  • It makes your website interactive; the feed on your website shows the latest updates and posts related to your business, making your website interactive and pleasing to the eyes.
  • It enchases visitor engagement by providing them with social media updates about your business and your product or service.
  • It provides an insight into your social media conversation without leaving the window.
  • When a potential customer stays engaged with your website and explores more on the website, it increases the website traffic of your business website and reduces the bounce rate.
  • By looking at the feed on the website, a customer can show some trust in your business as the feed provides social proof about your business and the product.


There is no denying that Facebook has emerged as the social media king in the social media network. It has the highest user base, and people use Facebook daily. Markets have also made Facebook part of their social media marketing strategy and are getting good results from it.

Embedding the Facebook Feed is currently the best strategy used by businesses to increase brand awareness and enhance their sales. And as you know, the top 5 tools to embed the Facebook Feed on your website, go ahead, use these tools and take your business strategies to the next level.