May 28, 2024

There are a lot of taxpayers in America who have received refund emails. From sources and IDs that are unidentified, the United States has received a large number of refund emails. A brand-new online fraud involves huge tax refunds that have been paid into bank accounts linked to taxpayers.

The fraudsters use a number of techniques to trick taxpayers and take both their money and personal information. Many customers recently got mail from Innovative Refund Solutions claiming that taxpayers have refunds that are waiting for confirmation.

What is Innovative Refunds Solution?

A business named Innovative Refund Solutions promises it can help taxpayers get their tax returns quickly. They assert that they can help taxpayers complete their tax returns and handle their tax refunds. The business focuses on managing tax payers’ documentation and helping them get the tax refunds to that they are promised.

The business has declared that it can help consumers recover and protect their valuables from 2003. However, after carefully examining our data, we found that the website had actually been launched on October 6, 2021, 83 days earlier. Therefore, it looks that the company is making false claims.

Innovative Refund Solutions Austin TX Reviews: is innovation refunds legit

The Customer Reviews are taken from It reveals that customers are happy while using innovative refund solutions.

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It claims that the searches from SEO tool that is ubersuggest. The site Innovative Refund Solution has good organic monthly traffic and has 173 backlinks.

Is Innovative Refund Solutions Legit?

Most individuals like to confirm a company’s validity before engaging in any financial transactions with it. Since Innovative Refund Solutions is situated in the US, taxpayers who qualify should find out more about the company before applying.

  • On October 6, 2021, the corporation registered the portal. Being dependent on a website that is just 83 days old, like Innovative Refund Solutions, can be risky.
  • The domain is active through October 6th, 2022.
  • One percent is an alarmingly low percentage for the website’s trust rating.
  • Customers are happy about Innovative Refund Solutions’ legitimacy and have good feedbacks.

According to reviews and comments, Innovative Refund Solutions is most likely a legit website that has been sending emails to a lot of individuals.


At last, we suggest that Innovative Refund Solutions is a trustful website. The authenticity of website is good, customer reviews are also good. Still, we suggest our reader to have a double check by using