May 25, 2024

Fashion has become the identity of today’s youth. A new trend of day-to-day fashion is being seen in the market and now on social media. The online shopping craze of the youth is also the reason for the changing fashion. As a result of all this, in the last few years, this type of ‘street fashion has become very popular among fashion lovers. In fact, street fashion has always been a part of Western culture. In fact, there is a street fashion collection awaiting alongside the Maine Fashion Show. From Paris, Fashion Week to Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Street Style Fashion Week has passed everywhere. If you understand the current trends in street fashion, you can easily see the changes in the mainstream of fashion.

The real highlight of this year’s fashion festival is the street fashion show which is one of the internationally acclaimed fashion shows. Combining a vintage look with a trendy outfit, these looks are well-liked by fashion lovers. The idea that street fashion is just baggy pants or similar loose clothing and colorful colors has never gone down in history. These street fashion looks are designed in such a way that baggy clothes also look stylish.

What exactly is street fashion?

It would not be wrong to say that modern fashion in clothing is street fashion. It is a common misconception that fashion usually emerges in studios with closed and posh interiors. The reflection in street fashion is ground-level designing .. handicrafts, painting, sewing art, and ingenious pairing of pairs .. this is where abandoned style clothes are born. The artists who make it are also ordinary, but skilled craftsmen. The equations of this fashion also change as the country changes. We saw street fashion as more of a convenience than a choice. In the last few years, we have had a growing trend to look at this street style in terms of fashion. In the past, this fashion was known as hip hop fashion abroad. This type of fashion has been prevalent abroad for a long time. The beginnings of this style were simple patchwork and handloom workers. After World War II, it was known as a low-income group fashion. Since this fashion trend came from the movie itself, it automatically got glamor.

The popularity of street fashion has been on the rise since the recent movie ‘Gali Boy’. It is safe to say that street fashion is, in a sense, a product made entirely by youth. The reason is that the ever-changing fashion is the need of the youth. Therefore, the latent intention of constantly wanting something new and revealing one’s own unique personality to the people through these two things made the youth fall in love with this street fashion. Now, this craze is not limited to youth, but everyone needs this street fashion for their style statement. A variety of youth startups based on this street fashion have also become popular. The names currently under discussion are ‘Farda’ and ‘Urban Monkey’!

Overseas shirts, T-shirts, jackets, pants with large block pins, style clothing are the hallmarks of street fashion. It now has youth accessories. Many things like laptop bags, caps, skating boards, phone covers, etc. are included in this street fashion. T-shirt dresses are another new addition to girls’ fashion. One aspect of street fashion is that these clothes have pints of superheroes and pints of different fluorescent colors available. Many brands of street fashion also seem to value sustainability. Customization is a specialty of this fashion.

This means that these clothes can be made in the style and pint you want. Designs can also be made from a specific theme in this fashion. This is what attracted the sharks of the now popular show ‘Shark Tank‘ and they reached out to invest in this new trend. Looking at the collections presented in Milan and Paris Street fashion, scarves or handkerchiefs have been widely used for styling along with trench coats, oversized jackets, or pants. A trench coat or a leather jacket is paired with a handkerchief or scarf around the neck. The tie or bow style was also paired with a scarf or handkerchief. In one show, the model used a handkerchief as a top. The trench coat and long leather leggings on it also give a distinct identity to the classy pairing street fashion.

Creativity is the future of the fashion sector

There are two major types of fashion: mass fashion and niche fashion. Young people in the field say that street fashion is purely mass fashion. With the advent of modern technology, online shopping has become very important. Instagram has really helped to increase the market for street fashion. Many young models are experimenting with this type of street fashion clothing and posting attractive photos of it on Instagram. It has a huge impact on youth, says photographers covering street fashion. In western culture, different communities like hippies and bikers have adopted the street fashion.

We didn’t have many Indian brands in street fashion as we came here late. But now brands like ‘Farda’ and ‘Urban Monkey’ have also come to India. This once-neglected genre of fashion is booming, thanks to social media, fashion bloggers, and influencers. Given the youthful love of street fashion and the speed of their creativity, street fashion is going to be a new trend in the fashion age.

When it comes to fashion or clothes, it is natural to come up with clothes. The subject of textiles cannot be complete without the argument between natural and synthetic fabrics. Cotton, silk, linen fabrics are always right due to their natural and comfortable properties. Alternatively, rayon, polyester, denim are leading the way in modernity, but in the rest of the cases, their side is a bit weak. Cotton, linen are convenient for everyday use. At traditional ceremonies or parties, the price of silk is very high. There is a very old tradition of these clothes. References to this can be found in history. So these clothes are included in the list of best clothes.

However, many issues like excessive wastage of water or excessive use of chemical fertilizers in the production of cotton, unnatural breeding of silkworms in the production of silk are ignored. Of course, in the last few years, there has been a renewed focus on these issues. In particular, the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, fast fashion, and the rising cost of clothing waste, various issues are beginning to draw attention to the people. From there, the concept of sustainable fashion began to gain momentum. Designers began to think carefully about the environment while creating collections. It used a number of measures such as the use of natural fabrics, recycling of old fabrics, use of alternative sources. As a step towards this movement, different types of traditional fabrics began to be explored. From that, the clothes of this new age have started to emerge.

The production of leather fabrics, mainly used in the field of shoes and bags, depends on the animals. The skins of various animals, from cows to crocodiles, are easily used to make many things, a fact that is not new to anyone. But for many years, animal lovers have been protesting against the slaughter of these animals for the sake of pure luxury. Attempts are being made at various levels to find eco-friendly alternatives to leather. A company called ‘Pineapple’ manufactures a fabric called ‘Pineapple’.

This cloth, which can be an alternative to leather cloth, is made from the remaining leaves of a pineapple. For this, farmers are encouraged to cultivate pineapple organically. This fabric can be easily used to make various leather goods such as shoes, bags, belts, jewelry. The company Bolt Thread has also used the mushroom plant to make a leathery fabric. Mushroom roots are used in this research. The company had teamed up with designer Stella Mardi to create a collection of handbags. The collection was exhibited at the famous Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Made from lotus stalks, silk, and natural dyes, Samatavo is considered to be one of the finest natural textiles in the modern textile industry. The traditional Cambodian weaving method is used to weave this fabric. This fabric is used as an alternative to silk in high heels. High-quality silk cloth is made from banana peel. This fabric has been manufactured in Japan since the 13th century. Sarees made from this ‘Banana Silk’ are in great demand in the Indian market. The use of orange peel in the same way in the production of silk fabrics is currently in progress. The natural orange color of orange, its fragrance, and its lightness is mainly seen in this fabric.

Therefore, this fabric is in demand in the manufacture of high heels. Research is also underway on whether these food-based fabrics can be of any benefit to the body. Concerns about plastic pollution are commonplace around the world. But the use of plastics in various fields cannot be ruled out. In this case, ‘Pabrelex Plastic’ is being made from wasted potato peels and other parts. Of course, given the production capacity and price of this plastic, it is not currently possible to use it as an alternative to the entire plastic worldwide, but it is Being used in high-end products like pageant frames, hair accessories, jewelry.

Australian company Nanolos has made a cloth named ‘Nuralbore’ from the rest of the coconut. This fabric can be used as an alternative to cotton and rayon fabrics. At present, the collections made of this fabric are made by this company. A quarter of the coffee bean is discarded after the coffee is made. A Taiwanese company has made fabric from this quart which can easily be used as sportswear. It is also used for domestic use. In addition, new clothes are being made from oysters, nylon nets used for fishing. This fabric can also be easily used in sportswear. All these industries, small farmers cultivating, all these are earning a lot, with that earnings, agriculture is being developed by buying Tractor.

Hemp is cultivated for textile production similar to cotton. This fabric is also used as an alternative to cotton. Of course, hemp cultivation requires less water than cotton cultivation and does not require much fertilizer. On the contrary, after hemp harvest, this crop increases soil fertility. Cultivation of this crop increases soil nutrient values ​​and reduces soil erosion. Therefore, the demand for hemp is increasing worldwide