April 16, 2024

Imagine you are on vacation, and then suddenly power went off! Thanks to the modern solution of solar panels and power stations. In everyday life we all needs of power for our day to day needs. And when it comes to the eco friendly solution of our needs it becomes more important and worthy. Whenever you are on outdoor and indoor event, you will be never left with power failure.

In this blog post we are sharing and reviewing a product that is more convenient and eco friendly to meet your daily needs.

What is Rolling Cart?

It is a Sydney based online store with warehouses in multiple states around the country. They mainly deals in inverter generators, power stations, solar panels, lithium batteries, and battery management system and many more.  

Rolling Cart Products:

The online store deals in modern solution for day to day life. Modern solar panels Rolling cart bundle for SailBoat, Fishing boat, Caravan, Solar Controller , Battery charger, Lithium batteries, Camping water purifier, Motorhome appliances and other advanced technological solution.

Website Review:

Website URL: https://www.rollingcart.com.au/

Address: No address is mentioned on the website

Business Email: team@rollingcart.com.au

Social Media presence:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rollingcart_au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RollingCart

The social media presence of the website is not very popular among its users. The online presence of the website is known from its posts and activities. Since April there is no update from the website and also there are negative reviews on facebook. We will discuss the reviews of customer in the later part of article. Until then check the website technical Review:

Website Technical Review:

The technical view of website indicates that the website has stated gaining popularity in acquisition of new users. It means the product has high research among customers.

Source: https://app.neilpatel.com/en/traffic_analyzer/overview?domain=https://www.rollingcart.com.au/&mode=domain&locId=2036&lang=en

Rolling cart Customer Reviews:

We have collected this review from a product review site and on the basis of those review we can said that the products seems to be legit and valid. The site is valid and working. Users are satisfied with the products and services of the company. Also the average rating is on 5 on 5. But the suspicious point here is that there are only 2 reviews and those are extremely positive.


It may create some confusion in the minds of people that there are double side’s aspects of website.

When we analyze the company social media channel, Facebook we observe lots of negative comments and feedbacks. They are not recommending the product.

We did indepth research for finding some genuine feedbacks of the website, but did not get any review on internet. So we do not recommend our readers to do any purchase based on only these 2 reviews.

 Conclusion – Is rolling cart website legit?

Source: https://www.scam-detector.com/validator/rollingcart-com-review/

To know the legitimacy of the website we took help of a tool scam detector, and it show a good trust score of the website.

What we want to convey to our readers is that product reviews are one things and site legitimacy is another thing.

It may be possible that the site is legit and some customers find the products not worthy. It is a business and a business has to deal with everything that comes in way. If it is earning profit then it should have to suffer losses also.

Final words:

Our analysis of all the available data led us to the conclusion that this website is probably fraudulent, which has caused us to raise multiple red flags. Additionally, we have encountered negative Rolling Cart com reviews online. Therefore, it is advised that users use caution when visiting this website. We suggested our readers to double check every detail and analyze the reviews of customer before arriving at any decision.