June 15, 2024

As often as I can, I choose article topics that say more about growth and innovation in general, so that you can apply these lessons on your own instead of just focusing on what everyone else says about the company. Tesla as a success story can teach us all a lot because Tesla’s future is a very inspiring one. I will be going over

  1. Overview of the ecosystem and flywheel of tests.
  2. Then briefly, the Apple ecosystem, which I will keep it related
  3. The first step of buying the Tesla car. 
  4. The next step, buying the full self-driving package or the Autopilot package. 
  5. Moving forward with Solar and into the future with more products and services which will continue to add to the fleet.

What is Tesla Ecosystem

Tesla ecosystem- To create an entire sustainable energy ecosystem, Tesla also manufactures a unique set of energy solutions, Powerwall, Powerpack and Solar Roof, enabling homeowners, businesses, and utilities to manage renewable energy generation, storage, and consumption.

An ecosystem is defined as a biological community of interacting organisms. In tech terms, this means a group of devices with software that creates a collective network and something much greater than just one individual item. To start it all off, I will overview the Tesla ecosystem. You may have heard of Tesla’s products in reference to an ecosystem before.

Overview of Tesla Ecosystem

Firstly, there is the basic flywheel of Tesla, a company many may refer to as an energy company. 

It is a sustainable flywheel with electric car driving with zero-emission. The solar, powering the home, the battery, storing the energy, and the car getting charged back up again in a seamless, undeniably perfect experience. Now that’s great, but it’s widely known by the community at this point.

As I continued through the article and to the end, I will continually build upon my arguments and get to a final climax and profound conclusion. 

Before I break down my thoughts on the Tesla ecosystem further, I would like to talk about the Apple EcoSystem.No, I’m not the first to bring up this comparison, but it is a worthy one regardless of if you use Apple products and like them as a company or not.You will see why shortly many consumer technology companies try to create a family of products to ensure future financial success. But no company has mastered that quite likeApple with the Apple ecosystem. Apple’s ecosystem is something that draws consumers in to purchase multiple products simultaneously. It all begins with the iPhone you purchase your brand new iPhone and suddenly you have an iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Air Pod while there could be various other products on the market that are better and cheaper? Having an Apple product disconnects the user from buying from third-party companies and simply saying that when you have one it is more convenient to buy the other software such as cloud, Airplay, AirDrop, and continuity allow you to start a task on one device and continue it on another. 

A great example of the Apple ecosystem is with air pods. The removal of the headphone Jack on the iPhone 7 and future models encourage users to buy air pods. Families of devices or ecosystems create a sense of consistency and ease in a consumer’s life. 

Part of the reason I am an Apple user is because of the way Apple can pull all of their products and services together into one complete and cohesive platform for everything. Hold that information for a minute. It will be very helpful later in the article as a comparison to Tesla.

Back to Tesla Ecosystem,

the first step is buying a car. This is the iPhone to the Apple analogy.Right now with Tesla’s current product line, that is the easiest purchase to make and to be introduced to the brand.People can and do start with solar first, but it’s not as popular of a decision.From Modal S to ModalX to Modal 3 to Modal Y, Tesla’s cars are the gateway to understanding the Tesla Mission and becoming a consumer that advocates for the future, that Tesla is striving to make a reality.With any Tesla,the consumer soon realizes how nice it is to charge from home, how convenient it is to wake up with a full charge with no need to even visit a few stations.We’ll get to more on that later with solar, but even more so a new Tesla owner gets introduced to the amazing software platform that Tesla has so elegantly made. Similar to Apple, Tesla understands software at a fundamentally deeper level than anyone else in the industry. 

Now you may disagree with me that Apple has that prowess because that could just come down to your preference on design.But there is no denying Tesla’s lead. Just look at the interiors and software on competing vehicles.And then look at Tesla’s interiors and software updates and improvements over the year receiving new functionality as if by magic every few weeks. Tesla disrupts the depreciation curve with software updates.The biggest example of this is autopilot.

The next step, FSD.Now that you have a Tesla, you won’t go back. You understand how cars are meant to be sleek, powerful, quiet, beautiful. You won’t buy a car from someone else unless Tesla’s cars are either too expensive or they don’t have the model you want. The former will be solved with Battery Day. The latter. I’ll save that idea for a future article. Anyways, with autopilot, Tesla has something special. You may already know that Tesla is increasing the price of full self-driving soon. How are they able to do this without actual full self-driving on the roads? 

Yeah, the strategy of adding features and subsequently raising the price of the full self-driving package is brilliant. It allows Tesla to justify increasing the cost of the consumer as well as bring in more revenue overtime. Today, Tesla’s are not self-driving, but such functionality is in development. Elon has promised that the advanced driver Assistance Abilities on Tesla vehicles will continue to improve until eventually reaching full automation. Full self-driving will come someday. It’s not a matter of when, it could be next year, or it could be 10 years from now, but if you think it will take a decade, I suggest you look at Tesla’s rate of development of features, even when having to work from home so that you can re-evaluate your thought process? Tesla’s full self-driving package is more like the Apple Watch. In the Apple Ecosystem, the iPhone gets you into the ecosystem, but the Apple Watch keeps you there because of how it builds upon the experience and creates an indestructible bridge of possibility from your wrist to your pocket. Once you try autopilot in Tesla on the highway, you understand how far ahead it is. Just look at the display, see that it recognizes and renders cars in 3D. That’s not something you can find elsewhere. 

So to summarize, up to this point, Tesla’s car is undeniably something that gets you to believe in the company and what they make, but autopilot seals the deal. 

The technology and rate advancements are off the charts.

As I said earlier, with any Tesla you soon realize how perfect it is to charge from home. 

And how convenient it is to wake up with a full charge with no need to go anywhere for the electricity. That fuels the desire for every Tesla owner to want a solar roof or simply Tesla solar Channels. Tesla makes this process easy. You can place a fully refundable deposit on a solar glass roof or subscribe to Tesla solar and have panels installed on your house with no commitment. Before this point, from the breathtaking car to auto pilot, almost everyone would have been sold on Tesla’s future. But by now, by getting solar, you are quickly closing the loop on completing the Tesla ecosystem.Buying or renting solar leads to wanting Powerwalls to store that energy or maybe, Tesla is about to disrupt themselves by giving vehicle to grid software and functionality to the fleet. 

We’ll learn more about that soon. Tesla has a lineup of products and a few services such as premium connectivity and more to come with a full self-driving subscription later this year. When you have a Tesla, your next car will most likely be another Tesla. 

I would love to see the statistic on that when Tesla expands their lineup with new models. That will make it even easier to justify a new purchase because it will better fill your need.Once you are in the ecosystem, you won’t leave just like with apples EcoSystem.You aren’t going to switch away from the iPhone because then you will lose the ability to use your Apple Watch and also lose the key functionality of the air pods.As a Tesla owner with solar, you will buy the HVAC home Air system that syncs up with the location of your car so that it knows when you are heading home, which will make you want to become a multi Tesla household. Even more of this adds to the fleet and allows Tesla to release new products and services even faster. We should definitely lookout for an in-depth analysis of these smart and connected Tesla’s products.

So ultimately, what does that ( Tesla Ecosystem) all lead to? 

Well, the ecosystem will make Tesla very successful, and almost everyone a repeat customer.Just look at Apple stock over the last 10 years. So ultimately this momentum powers the stock. Many new customers may buy into Tesla stock, but that would only move it marginally. However, the greater long-term impact will be seeing Tesla products everywhere, similar to the Apple effect Tesla will take over with a lineup of affordable and innovative products, from cars to roofs to electric jets in the future. All of this will fuel Tesla’s stock and the flywheel has only just begun. Imagine when Tesla has 10 million cars on the road, not just one million. All I can say is the stock will not be where it is today. Tesla will be in the S&P 500 and massive institutions will be taking massive stakes in the car. 

Tesla as a company just needs to justify themselves one more time over the next year from Model Y to Giga Shanghai, from Battery Day to Giga Berlin, from full self-driving to Giga Austin, then I don’t know if they will be able to be stopped. 

I just went over an overview of the ecosystem and flywheel of Tesla. Briefly talked about the Apple ecosystem, then the first step buying the car. The next step buying autopilot., a full self-driving package, and then moving forward with solar into the future, with more products and services which adds to the fleet and ultimately powering the stock.