May 25, 2024

Python is a programming language that carries immense significance in the Java world. The demand for Python developers is high in the current times but in terms of the supply, it is not the case. To become an expert Python developer, you need to follow a robust guide. In every eCommerce development company these days, the need for proficient Python developers is high. So if you wish to get hands on a rewarding career, follow this guide.

Why Python?

Out of so many programming languages, you might wonder why to become a Python eCommerce website developer. To start with:

  • Most researches find Python language on the number one position
  • Python is applicable for both beginners who are just initiating with programming & experienced coders
  • Python is extremely applicable for domains like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  • An expert Python developer is in demand because of the benefits the language brings in itself. The language has amazing analytical abilities & numerous libraries that are geared for the above mentioned domains

Become a Python developer in 30 days

On your quest to become a certified and successful Python web developer, it is important to follow a roadmap. It is mentioned as follows:

  • First & foremost, decide why you want to learn Python. When a company will hire Python developer like you, what are the benefits you can bring to the organization
  • Learning from online tutorials is a great way to get started as well. While you learn you need to keep practicing as well
  • Read really information & insightful books on the language & get your name enrolled in a virtual Python course. Here not only you will understand the various concepts, work on assignments & practical but you will also have the chance of earning a certificate that can definitely be a bonus for your resume
  • When your aim is to become a Python developer on 30 days, it is paramount to read the official Python citations as this will help you work with varied constructs
  • You must take a glance in the source code of your preferred Python package for learning its correct functioning

Are you the next best Python developer of the town?

One fine morning you get a call from a highly renowned eCommerce Python Development Company& your dream almost came true as you always wanted to be a part of the company. But you are in a complete dilemma as you feel you are unprepared and not an expert Python developer. So that you never have to encounter such heartbreaking scenarios when you need to reject the offer, you must work on your skills. These are the steps that are a must to follow if you want to become a very successful Python developer.

  • It is all in the basics. Without learning what Python is, its origin, you can never dig deep and understand its real importance in the current times. Learning regarding its history, installation, basic constructs such as variables, operators and statements, syntax is a must if you want to make it big
  • Discover Python applications in detail as only then when someone or a company wants to hire a Python freelancer like you, it will be easier for you to understand whether you will be able to function in that particular industry or not. Most importantly, you must learn the differences that remain between Python 3 and Python 2
  • A lot can be learnt from fundamental data structures such as lists, dictionaries & sets
  • Loops & decision making are the concepts that you must grasp like a pro
  • Get professional help such as online course or a free online tutorial for learning about the fabrication of a virtual environment
  • The next step is educating yourself about the functions & recursion
  • Now that you know in brief why Python is, to prepare yourself completely for being a good Python backend developer, you can initiate with concepts that are object oriented. Some of the concepts are inheritance, classes, overloading, methods, etc
  • Learn about packages & modules. Gaining some experience with typical modules such as calendar, os and namedtuple is a must
  • It is very important to learn about the generation & utilization of random numbers & regular expressions
  • Complex topics such as multiprocessing, networking and XML processing needs to be learnt as well
  • The next step is learning to develop GUIs with Python
  • A sound Python django developer is the one who makes it a point to learn about the various exceptions and also learns how to tactfully handle all of those
  • You must gain proper knowledge for utilizing NumPy, Pandas and SciPy
  • Some processes that you will need to apply in real life scenarios are debugging, log, accessing database, unit-test and serializing

Things you must master

  • If you want to become a licensed Python Django developer, you must learn about robust frameworks such as CherryPy, Django, etc. When you start with Django, you must follow the Don’t Repeat Yourself or DRY principle. This will take care of every trivial thing
  • Attain a basic understanding of front-end technologies such as CSS3, jQuery, HTML5, etc. As an expert Python developer, when you will need to function with a sound front-end team
  • Last but not the least you must build personal projects on Python as this will offer you sheer confidence. So when you first start working for a company, you will not feel nervous.

Final Say

An expert Python developer is the one who has a problem-solving frame of mind. Prior to choosing this programming language or choosing this as your career path, you must develop robust technical skills. Freelancers and companies both will only hire Python coder who carries strong communication proficiencies. You as a developer must be able to communicate the requirements of a project to your team aptly. By doing this it will also assist you in writing better documentation. You will be on your way to success if you follow this roadmap as discussed above.

Good luck with all your endeavors.