April 17, 2024

Jewelry is the most important wears in any women’s personality. Every woman loves to wear jewelry and wants to look pleasant. Especially there are some cultures like Indian culture in which there is more significance of jewelry.  It is considered as non separable part of their culture. So in this blog post we are going to discuss about an online jewelry brand Titanicice. We will bring the most important factors like the products and specifications of Titanic ice, authenticity of products, customer’s reviews and the ultimate conclusion about the product.

What is Titanic Ice?

Titanic ice is a jewelry store that is selling different varieties of jewelry. There are different types of products listed in website like AK-47 Chain and Pendant, Babygirl Chain, Custom Gold Chain, Lighning gold Chain, Silver Heart Necklace, Silver Butterfly Choker etc.

Catalog of Titanic Ice:

There are latest and fashionable jewelry designs in Titanicice.co store. The AK-47 Chain and Pendant is the special item in their catalog. Now we will check the legitimacy of products and website.

Website Portfolio:

URL: https://titanicice.co/

Domain Registration Date:

Email: titanicice.corp@gmail.com

Return Policy: Unless the Product is damaged or you receive the wrong item, there is no refund policy.

Monthly Organic Traffic and Domain Authority

The no of visitors are not upto the mark as per standards. The Organic Monthly traffic is very low and Domain Authority is 5. We have collected this data from Ubersuggest which is trusted source to know the strength of website.

Titanicice.co Reviews

We have analyzed the website and other channels to know the legitimacy of website. In our research we have found no review of Titanicice.co. We have checked their social media channels, like Facebook, Quora, Instagram etc. There is no social media significance of their website. No details about the owner of website. There is no present address listed on website.

Hence we can’t trust the website.


In absence of any information, we are not sure of legitimacy of website. So we suggest our readers to not to buy products from this website, and do not indulge in any online scam payment.

It is a scam website and there is no relevancy of website.