May 28, 2024

The fashion has become highly popular in latest trends. Fashion is highly recommended for the teenagers. Nowadays, we live in a world of fashion. Everyone wants to appear being highlighted one that is why various fashions and varieties of clothing spring to mind. As we can see, our society appears to be more fashion-obsessed. Fashion affects how people dress, talk, and many other aspects of their lives. So, here we are presented a new online store that is for the teenagers, women’s and men’s with upcoming new trends.

What is

As we know, fashion is an art for self-expressed the beauty and simplicity to clothing and beautiful accessories. It introduces a new online shopping store that sells varieties of branded products of Stone Island, Yeezy and Air London for you with reasonable prices. They provide you accessories, jewelry, watches, clothing, shoes and many more.

So, we are brought the for you with huge collections of bags, outfits, watches, accessories and so on. So, let’s begin with their shoes , reviews ,specifications , web statistics and many more. shoes – provides you varieties of shoes for men and women. They assure you to provide good quality of shoes.

 As, they do not provide any social media preferences and we can’t provide any images of shoes because  there is no source showing the legitimacy of shoes, also the site is not working. Reviews- 

The reviews has been taken from the Social Media page, there is no COD Services. It shows that there are few followers on the page.                                                                                                                                                                                            

Source: Instagram

Comingfashion – Customer’s Reviews:

It shows the 1 star from 1 review rating. It reveals a negative customer review while buying the products from the website.

Positive highlights of

  • The website provides you the best collection of clothes, accessories, shoes, watches, bags, etc.               
  • They delivered the products all around the world.           
  • They Provides you secure online payments and UPI.

Negative highlights of

  • They do not provide physical address of their location.
  • Some of the customers are not happy with their products.
  • The Refund is valid only for a week.                                                                

Specifications of      

  • Website URL- (not working)
  • Website Type- Online store
  • Business Address- The physical address is not mentioned
  • Discounts and Sales Offer- They selling branded products at cheap prices.
  • Contact Number- 845871130421  
  • Social Media –  Instagram
  • Payment options- Secure Online Payment and UPI.

ComingFashion.Com – Web Statistics:

Here, we provide you the data that we searched from the seo tool. We analyze that how’s the domain authority, organic monthly traffic and backlinks of this website.

It reveals that the domain authority is very low. The monthly organic traffic is zero and backlinks is very poor.

Source: Ubersuggest

Coming Fashion Shoes Legit or Scam-          

As it all about, from all the searched details and proofs, we found that the coming fashion is a scam website. The customer review is very bad, their product are very cheap and poor. They did not mention their physical address. They did not satisfy the customers of USA. Even, there is no customer service contact and poor Refund Policy.  The website is not working and the domain authority, monthly organic traffic is very low and poor. So, it indicates that this is a scam website.


 Last but not the least, we suggested that choose the right and trustable website for online shopping because it is a scam website and all the proofs we collected from the overall data considered that it is not good choice for shopping from the .