May 28, 2024

Thinking of a complex password for every account you create can be tedious and bothersome. You are asked to change it regularly and remember it very clearly. If you are working in a fast-paced environment, you have no time for that. In the end, you may be opted in choosing a weak password.

A weak password can certainly be a big issue. We all know that various hackers can quickly decipher your log-ins and use them for several things such as identity fraud or any cybercrime; this is the main reason why you should use a password manager in 2021.

What is a Password Manager?

Password manager is any tool or software application that is created to manage and store your online passwords. It is commonly saved in an encrypted folder and secured by the primary password.

To explain it in a more specific context, think of having a vault, you stored a lot of important things inside, and the only way you can open it is when you have the primary key. The main key we are talking about here is the primary password that you will only have to remember to open it.

Advantages of Password Manager

Ease of Use

Password manager can generate a complex and strong password for you. You do not have to spend your time coming up with unique credentials; if you don’t have time to memorize every password created by the password manager, there is no need to worry about that.

As mentioned, when you have this software application, you will only need to memorize the primary password. Not only that, some password managers can be opened on any device.


Password manager values time. Once you’ve set it up, you will just click on the log-in, and your password will automatically appear. The auto-fill benefit of the application makes any online transactions faster.


Password manager adds an extra layer of security over your passwords. For example, “if” one password is deciphered in an account you used, that account will only be breached, and others are not affected. However, you might be asking if password managers are safe? Compared to popular applications such as Twitter, Google, or even Facebook, they confessed that they “unintentionally” kept users’ online credentials in the simple, readable text before.

In another report, a notable password manager had been hacked in 2015, but they could not steal any stored passwords because of its powerful high-grade encryption. They were only able to get the user’s emails but not the password itself.

In addition, various phishing sites are waiting for you to be scammed. Password manager detects any malicious website. In most cases, auto-fill will not appear in the log-in fields.

To conclude the article, password managers indeed have several benefits for your business. However, we have our preferences. You should first determine what do you need so it will best fit your requirements. Be wise in choosing your password managers. There are various helpful articles, like this, available online to help you.