May 28, 2024

In this blog we will discuss about Ysl Black Opium but before that we need to what is Dossier.Co and what is YSL Black Opium Perfume

What is ?

Dossier Is a branded website and deals in luxury perfume and scents at fair prices.

“Dossier was founded out of a desire to make premium fragrances accessible to everyone. As scent enthusiasts ourselves, it became impossible for us to turn a blind eye to the price markups traditionally seen in the industry.” Website Reviews-

Dossier is attracting great amount of organic traffic especially from Google. They have thousands of backlinks and keep growing.

Their domain authority is fair, not so high but we can say that they will also achieve it above 50 soon. As we can see they are growing very fast.

YSL Black Opium

Dossier.Co has listed YSL’s Black Opium Perfume on their website. If you are looking to buy from Dossier Here is the link –

Ambery Vanilla Inspired by YSL’s Black Opium – Dossier.Co

Floriental Vanilla Candle – Dossier.Co (This is also inspired by YSL’s Black Opium)

About YSL Black Opium Fragrance

Well, there are number of verities and options available in the market to buy any premium perfume. It’s easy to buy online from any website. For that you do not need to make hard efforts. However, when it comes to choosing a special one, you need to undergo little research. YSL Black opium is the best one to consider before buying others. Top, middle, and base notes are great to check the fragrance quality. Also, it expresses how long-lasting it can be and how it can appeal to you. 

YSL black opium is lighter and volatile in top notes. Black Opium Eau de Perfume is the seductively intoxicating women’s fragrance. The opening notes of adrenaline-rich coffee and the sweet sensuality of vanilla recline into the softness of white flowers for a young, modern scent.

This seductive women’s perfume is inspired by the edgy and daring woman. Emboldened by the strong scent of coffee, the sensuous ladies perfume captivates the senses with a sweet vanilla base and a burst of floral at the heart of the fragrance.

Ysl Black Opium Fragrances

Ysl Black Opium on comes in 4 types of fragrances. It is Amber, Musk, Vanilla and Oud. We have explained more about YSL Black Opium fragrances below.


It is not a specific substance, but it will fill your fragrance bottle with a high-quality aroma. As per Raza, amber is used to showcase the combination of various fragrances such as benzoin, vanilla, and labdanum fragrances. The labdanum is like cistus oil derived from the cistus plant. It offers a warm, rich, and intense aroma that gives a great smile on the face. 


This often causes great fragrance and is used in most perfumes. It is difficult to explain, but in this natural world, you can find this scent natural as it offers a skinny fragrance, but much better in Ysl Black Opium It originated from animals and is considered a magical component. Further, it creates a smooth and elegant scent that makes you feel good all day. 


Vanilla is one of the best fragrances in perfumes that give a touching feel. It is the most popular note that girls often love. Further, it is utilized in creams, body lotions, and other scents. It offers woody, floral, and fruity notes. 


Oud is one of the perfect base notes that uplift the various notes and give you a clear sense of enjoying the romantic fragrance. It comes with a strong aroma and offers a woody, smokey, and sweet feel in Ysl Black Opium 

Ysl Black Opium Product Reviews –

We have collected genuine official reviews from website, People are very positive about YSL black Opium perfume.  Here are some screen shots –

There are 1438 Reviews are mentioned so those cannot be fake.

Here is the link from you can buy directly –


There are number of website offering YSL Black Opium Perfume on their website but very costly. provides the perfume those are inspired by YSL Black Opium. Dossier Perfumes are amazing, natural as they offer great appeal to the customers.